The Hell of the most Holy Ground (and Why it is so hard to love the most hurting)

Psalm 34:18 says that Jesus is close to the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit.   I have seen this first hand and it is a powerful force of love! I have learned that Jesus come so close to the suffering through the torchbearers of His people. A Jesus kind of LOVE is a... Continue Reading →


On Voicing My Story

Voicing my story. Life is so messy. So miraculous. So painful. So praiseworthy. So much grief, so much goodness. So much joy unearthed, even within the valleys of sorrow and suffering. You see, There’s this unfolding story. This sacred raw story of Beauty rising out of the depths of pain. When you have the courage... Continue Reading →

Choosing to Still Dance.

I just signed my Tahlia up for her 2nd year of dance and I am so excited for her! She loves dance and she is so talented and graceful and strong and flexible and she simply shines of pure light on and off the stage.  If you followed our story on Facebook, or instagram then... Continue Reading →

Gia’s family Forever Day anniversary

5 years ago a very special mama handed over and entrusted her precious Treasure to our scared but "crazy in love" arms and the happiest day of our lives was one of her hardest too. Joy and sorrow colliding. At that moment, my mama-heart was breaking for the depths of sacrifice that Lily was going... Continue Reading →


Joy and pain. Sorrow and smiles. It all just collides like a big messy storm. They used to run separately and we could clearly define the difference between the two. Now they're a simultaneous emotion that can't be untangled. We can't feel joy without sorrow. Yet, we can't feel sorrow without being reminded of overflowing... Continue Reading →

living in Saturday…..

I feel like we live in a forever Saturday.... The space between Dark Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Wailing at the grave, shaking my fist at heaven, aching to hold my baby....cursing death, Satan and this broken world....waiting...waiting for the promise, the rescue, the Reunion....the coming down of HEAVEN. Waiting for All Things New.  Groaning...and... Continue Reading →

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