“Beauty is Rising” Podcast Interview (part 1 & 2 links inside)


I recently had the incredible opportunity to share my family’s story of sorrow and joy, and of mess and Miracles on an interview for the Podcast:”Beauty is Rising”.  



Part one is here 

Part 2 is here 

… and Honestly speaking, this was a hard format for me (especially amidst the fog of just arriving home from China, just two weeks home!!). Yup, serious jet lag so please give this mama some grace as you listen…k? K!! 😉



family home from China




Also,  I’m much more of a writer then a speaker and I am MUCH more comfortable behind my computer recording God’s story in written words (where I can delete and backspace and edit) as opposed to live speaking where I awkwardly fumble and trip through my words and emotions (ugh, so much emotion).

However, this is the real awkward me and this is the hard, raw and messy and miraculous story of our family’s Joy and Sorrow and of crawling through darkness and being carried by Jesus to His glorious light.

And, I believe God can use my fumbling spoken, and tear-filled, words to show others His glory and I hope it encourages your hearts!






Because my family and I have been entrusted with a sacred story that, though we do not understand fully or even like every chapter, testifies to God’s faithfulness and fierce pursuit of us in the deepest of darkest valleys and sorrow.

We want to steward this testimony of God’s relentless love and faithfulness, of His light in the darkness, of God’s heart for the orphan, and of the legacy of our Gianna’s Miracles well.



So, I was completely humbled to have been able to be given this platform and invited to be interviewed by Kelli despite my lack of experience with this arena! 

But it was fun and emotional with many smiles, laughs and tears! We were just real and chatting (with me hiding in my closet because it is basically the only quiet space in my house!!).

Kelli Belt is a Precious Podcast host who immediately made me feel so comfortable and I basically just totally forgot I was being recorded, you’ll realize that quickly as you listen 🤪!
So, for those who want to listen, this is part 1 and Part 2  

My hope is that His story in our lives encourages your hearts.  Thank you for taking the time to hear our hearts and for continually praying for our family! We are so grateful.

junjun tolly hud garden china silk


Just So thankful that we have a God who is SO BIG, and SO REAL and so much higher than our thoughts….who is never done revealing our story of His victory in what feels like earthly defeat…. even when we are so weak and all we see and feel is Brokenness and overwhelming pain around us. 

He is not done. He wins…Light wins.

He hunts us down with His goodness always.




Part one: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/beauty-is-rising/id1459897832?i=10004446040


Part 2: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/beauty-is-rising/id1459897832?i=1000445136156


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