Gia’s family Forever Day anniversary

5 years ago a very special mama handed over and entrusted her precious Treasure to our scared but “crazy in love” arms and the happiest day of our lives was one of her hardest too. Joy and sorrow colliding.

At that moment, my mama-heart was breaking for the depths of sacrifice that Lily was going through. As happy as she was that her baby was going to a forever loving home, it was incredibly painful to let go. This was not lost on any of us. All our Tears fell together, yet our hearts all rejoiced together too.

Little did we know that we would all have to walk a similar yet even harder surrender together again just four years later, when Jesus would call our baby home to His loving arms. The hardest most painful surrender of our lives😭. Yet Gia’s greatest Miracle.

Lily was the first video call we made from the hospital when Gia went to heaven at 12 a.m on April 22. We had prayed together and had seen miracles together and begged God for just another earthly Miracle together. We wept together and grieved together and surrendered together when the answer was not what we wanted💔😭. Our hearts all broke and crashed together as one in Sorrow and Hope. All united by the amazing forever light and life of the most beautiful baby in the world. Gianna brings the world together and points them straight to Jesus, who is mighty to save. Our deepest heartbreak. Her greatest victory.

Our baby teaches us that this life is just a vapor and not meant to be lived on the comfortable safe shores of temporary gain but rather meant to be lived out in the deep where you are living for Eternal treasures and following and leaning hard on the only one who saves. Out in the deep is where the miracles of HOPE happen!

Our hearts are deeply broken but our baby taught us how to live bold and big with a broken heart. Her life teaches us that it is in the broken paths that God chases us down and brings about His beautiful Miracles of goodness.

We’d rather live out in the scary depths seeing glimpses of heaven and God’s glory then the shores of passivity. We get ONE earthly short LIFE to make a difference and invest in a forever ETERNITY.

Gianna’s Miracles continue to bloom and grow Forever because her life forever reflects our mission and our LIVING HOPE. One day We will all embrace again when He makes all things NEW. Until then we live like Gia. Gia teaches us to bravely walk forward in purpose, Love, joy & LIGHT…. Even when you’re broken.

Gianna Lilyfaith, we desperately miss you. We are Forever changed by the gift of your light and life. Wrecked by God’s mercies that chase us down. Never ever EVER the same.

You are Forever loved. Forever carried. We Forever grieve. But we Forever HOPE. THANK YOU God for Gianna Lilyfaith. #onedaybackTOGETHER #livegiagrowforever #missingyou #Eternalovertemporary #onedayAllthingsNew 😢


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