Joy and pain.

Sorrow and smiles.

It all just collides like a big messy storm. They used to run separately and we could clearly define the difference between the two. Now they’re a simultaneous emotion that can’t be untangled. We can’t feel joy without sorrow. Yet, we can’t feel sorrow without being reminded of overflowing joy. When your heart is open, you just can’t be afraid of either one. You have to be brave enough to embrace both…or you won’t feel either one.


The searing heartache of loss runs deep and feels like an endless ocean, but we wouldn’t give up even a drop of it, if it meant not feeling ALL the joy…not having had those full incredible four years of intense joy on Earth that will continue in heaven.

…Today is the five year anniversary of seeing, hugging and squishing our baby girl for the first time. We stepped off the plane five years ago and there she was in all her preciousness. Our dear foster mama-“Lily” holding Our dream come true right at the airport gate (An incredible surprise that normally does not happen in China adoptions), but Gianna’s life is anything but normal. Miracles upon miracles that we were honored to get a front row seat to. Miracles that still bloom today and forever because of her LIFE AND LIGHT.

gia lily

There she was, a beauty that simply took our breath away. Our prayers answered, “that God chose us?” In one week we will celebrate Gianna’s official “Gotcha day”. A difficult week of remembering many China miracles and adventures. Yet so much gratefulness. We were all there to get our baby, walking together into our miracle seeing our Mighty God work wonders. Serving in her foster home for many days, loving on her foster siblings, hugging her nannies, falling in love so deeply that we thought we may drown. Our hearts collided so fiercely with our Gia’s broken heart there in China. Tears fall hard and We grieve to not feel her heart beat anymore on Earth. yet we celebrate the gift and story that we were entrusted with. Her Miracles continue on …. Light from LIGHT. Hope from HOPE.

gia lily 1gia lily daddy

God, in his incredible and personal way has aligned Eviemira’s adoption journey with the sacred timeline of Gia’s journey. A week will overlap from the time we walked in China with Gianna. We will all be together to adopt Gianna’s baby sister😢🥰. We will also get to embrace our Lily and the children at Lilys house while we are in Beijing. We will embrace Eviemira for the first time on the anniversary of the sacred day we brought Gia home to America 5 years ago. I know Gianna Is just giddy and having so much fun with Jesus as he unfolds this annoited story of her incredible Miracles that grow on through Eviemira’s life. Only God.

Joy and sorrow. ❤️💔

gia evie1
This photo was created with photoshop…. a vision of what WE can NOT see…. TRUTH….



#heavenHugs #giannasmiraclesgoonFOREVER #Beautyfrombeauty #LIFEfromLIFE #LIGHTfromLIGHT #LiveGiaGrowForever


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