Honoring our heart warrior FOREVER…

Today is National Wear Red Day for CHD awareness

This was one of our special fundraiser t-shirts from when we were bringing our Gianna home 5 years ago with a 1/2 heart. 😢❤️🇨🇳 …


We miss our beautiful brave heart warrior so very much. 😭 …we miss fighting for her…we miss her giggles and cuddles. we miss touching her beautiful brave heart scars that told the story of all her brave victorious battles and her Mighty God who moved mountains to bring her through 6 miraculous open heart surgeries in 6 incredible years.



We had front row seats to miracles unexplainable from a doctor’s viewpoint. #becauseGod .

But…Ultimately, it was a terrible brain bleed that stole her from us after her last emergency heart repair. 😭


However my Gia’s heart never ever EVER stopped fighting…

She is the bravest of them all.



Our hero Forever. 😢❤️

Friday, February 1 is national #wearredday to bring support and awareness to those with CHD.

❤️February ❤️ is heart month.

We will always remember and honor our warrior and her brave fight as we carry her in our hearts Forever and ever.

It’s strange and amazing to think that in her greatest Miracle her heart was fully healed and made whole …yet…in that same sacred and slaying moment, it was our hearts that suddenly broke in half 💔😞😭

…and now we live with the busted up and bleeding 1/2 hearts until we are reunited one day. …

But it’s our Gianna Lilyfaith who teaches us how to live brave, love big and grab joy even when you are broken up inside on earth💔.


She showed us how to trust God, love dangerously and not let fear win.

She teaches us that Love and HOPE are always ALWAYS worth the risk.

A broken heart never stopped my little girl from living LIFE beautifully and boldly and with such brave sparkle!

Our blessed gift ….a forever gift so undeserved.


Sending so many squishy kisses to you, our baby girl, until we embrace again our sweet, beautiful, fierce daughter and sissy🦋.

You forever reflect His Living HOPE and Your brave life will grow us forever and ever. ❣️💔❤️😢


She changes us forever 💕


#livegiagrowforever #chdawareness #nationalwearredday #livebravelikegia


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