Gia AND Hudson news

Gianna “and” Hudson news.
9pm (post-op day 1) 
I so wanted My next post to be about her being extubated, (sigh).  But we were told that extubation is being delayed till tomorrow.  Gianna had a tough day battling a fever and what was later to be discovered as a beginning infection that was starting to take up residence in her lungs. ….well, thankfully, by your mighty prayers and a powerful God, her broad spectrum antibiotics worked and her fever broke.  Praise God! So, they want to hold off to make sure she gets more stable….for which I understand. …..I told her to sleep and rest tonight, for tomorrow we will tackle those mountains together.   She’s so tough. Please pray for strong lungs as the docs turn her vent settings down.
And soon after I heard that sobering news, I got an email from our social worker with awesome Hudson news.
She informed us that we are finally DTC (dossier to China) for our 7th blessing, 3rd China blessing… our handsome Hudson.  Another hug from God….and a reminder that His timing is indeed perfect. 
We will now be officially awaiting LID (log in (to computer system)date) and then we await LOA (OFFICIAL letter of acceptance from China) ..He will be home by spring 💙
…I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of MIRACLES in our life….you see, while your baby is intubated and heavily sedated, you get A LOT of time to reflect.
And i’ve been pondering how a life WORTH it, can be so hard.   Yes, adoption is HARD and messy stuff.  We will never deny that.  However, it’s incredibly amazing to get a front row seat to God’s display of hope-giving miracles to his precious children.
So many ask Why? Many think we are crazy. But, we believe we’d be even crazier to say no when given the invitation.
Because adoption is so worth it…..HOPE is so worth it.  Everyone deserves the gift of HOPE. We see life differently now.  We are wrecked and changed. Our hearts have been made bigger and braver and bolder by the gift of adoption …to get to be the forever family of such beautiful and brave warriors humbles our  socks off….the tough journey, the tears, the sacrifice is  ALL far outweighed by the PURE JOY and blessing and honor to be theirs’. 
We are given no guarantee as we step out, just the peace of knowing we are in His will…in His grip, following HIS plans for our family. But in the midst of the chaos,  Is  a life overflowing with LOVE, JOY AND HOPE.
ALL children deserve for a forever family to scale mountains and walk through fires and be BRAVE for them . Everyone is worth the gift of HOPE and crazy unconditional LOVE..the gift of a mommy, daddy, grandparents, siblings .   We are So thankful for His blessings. So thankful to witness HIS miracles first-hand! So grateful for your support, love and encouragement. Thank you,  prayer army, …for continuing to join us in miracle- prayers for our family…we need our village.❤

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