Post op (day one )

Missing daddy today 😦
Post-op day 1:
She had to get a blood transfusion last night and we are still dealing with a fever, but it did come down some. …Thank God. They are still planning for extubation today, so could be a big day…and a hard day, experience tells me that the first extubated days are the toughest …she’s much lighter now under her sedation and easily agitated. Pray for calm, peace! Rest sweet girl rest!!!!!
Hopefully next time I post she will be extubated!
People have been asking about her “unseen holes”….and we did tell Dr. Emani that we believe God may have healed her VSD holes! He is able!!!! Her progress will tell us if they are still there or not, pray she moves forward strongly !

so earlier I posted she would be extubated this afternoon.  They’ve actually pushed it back to a possible late night/overnight extubation because of the bleeding complication this morning and they want to watch to make sure her fever stays controlled ….so pray for my warrior!!! From a cardiac standpoint, they are saying she is holding strong!
Praise God! !!!!!

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