Happy Gotcha day! (our video journey to Tahlia)

It’s 12/12/12
That means that one year ago today this family received a most beautiful gift.
We are so thankful to God!
This video was made in honor of His miraculous faithfulness in bringing us to China to adopt our  sweet Tahlia!
She has blessed our lives in so many ways and we can’t imagine even a second of life without her in it!

12/12/11: the day our family was made complete.

We’ll let the video speak our heart!

“…..You were meant to be touching
The lives that you touch
And meant to be here
Making this world so much more
Than it would be without you in it
You were meant to be bringing
The gifts that you bring
And singing the songs
You’ve been given to sing
You are perfectly, wonderfully,
Beautifully meant to be…”

~Steven Curtis Chapman (“Meant to Be”)


3 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha day! (our video journey to Tahlia)

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  1. So Precious…..made me tear up. 🙂 I ordered Mystery of History and can't wait for it to come in. Thanks for the homeschool advice. Blessings to you and your family and Merry Christmas


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