impending surgery/prayer requests/praises

Just heard from the hospital and everything is a “go” for tomorrow for Tahlia’s palate repair surgery. She will be getting the large gap in her “inside palate” closed. This will be a 3-4 hour surgery and a hospital stay of about 3 nights. It will be tough….but, I just want to get it over with. This will be the first of 2 surgeries. The next one (to repair her lip and nose) will be in 3-4 months….with a shorter surgery and recovery time.

Prayer requests:
-That Tahlia’s lungs will be clear tomorrow morning and we won’ t be sent home….praying surgery happens (just want it to be done)
-praying for peace for Tahlia, momma, daddy, and siblings….(we’re all a bit nervous and on edge)
-pray for a successful closure of her palate
-pray for an easy recovery with no re-opening of palate and little pain for Tahlia

-Tahlia has been sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh, wow….sleep is a beautiful thing)..however, not thinking it will last with her surgery recovery, but that’s ok…its good to know that she is able to, and has felt the peace to do it! Praise GOD!
-Tahlia stayed home with only daddy while we went to church on Sunday. This was the first time she was alone with daddy at home, w/o any siblings to distract her. THEY DID WONDERFULLY!! Brian told me she was affectionate with him and really appeared secure and happy. WOW….GO GOD! Thank you for praying, friends….we see progress!
-Tahlia is attempting to talk more and more…and with her palate repaired, she may really take off in the language department!!!

**** thank you friends and families for continuing to partner with us in prayer over this amazing little girl. The way GOD is working through your prayers is seen in HIS fingerprints all over her life!

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  1. Praying all goes well tomorrow and that she can have her surgery. Praying for you all throughout! I LOVE your update about her time with her daddy. God is so good!!!


  2. Jo I wanted to let you know that Tahlia and your family are in my prayers. I have up FB for Lent, so I won't be able to check for updates. But please know that I am thinking of you all and sending prayers your way for comfort, strength, peace, patience and healing. God Bless Tahlia and your family Johanna!


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