Sending some handmade TLC to Tahlia and her friends!

In a few days Tahlia will receive a package from her new family!

Back in last March my kids made a “build a bear” Lamb for their future baby sister, as we waited for the Lord to reveal who she was. They each put a heart in the lamb as they prayed over the heart a special prayer for their baby sister (who they had yet to see a photo of) and we recorded a message to our baby, Tahlia, to put in the foot of the lamb.

We also got a shirt made for the lamb that has a picture of all of us on it, so Tahlia will have our voices and our pictures close to her heart when she sleeps in her crib!

We also made a photo album (the kind that is for babies) so Tahlia can see more pics of us, and our dogs too! Finally, we didn’t want to exclude other children, so we also sent some stuffed animals and clothes to be shared by her SWI friends.

It is my prayer that each of them find their forever family, and that all of Tahlia’s orphanage sisters and brothers will get to reunite one day and share adoption stories! I wish we could take them all, we really would if we could! (sigh) But, I am so blessed to say that we are already in contact with 3-4 of Tahlia’s current orphanage buddies’ future forever families! One of which is getting ready to travel VERY soon for their daughter!!
Brings me to tears of joy!


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