A very European party!

Today we hosted our “continent party” with the Woodies and Zylkas celebrating Europe! We had a lot of fun touring the countries that we had been studying for the past few weeks. We had brought Norway and Italy, the Zylkas brought France and the Woodies brought some Germany! It was fun to bring a little taste of each of these countries to the kids to experience, so ….please come take a look at this wild party….

The french are credited for their “silhouette art” of the “profile”…so here are some beautiful profiles of the kids….

And here are the children’s original “Norwegian sweater” designs!

Then, the older kids were to each give a “presentation” of something that interested them about any of the European countries….(this was completely open-ended to the kid’s choosing)

First, Abbey read a wonderful report on the graceful East German figure skater Katarina Witt

Next, was the amazing hand-made German castle that Emily created (this was great!)
Then, Isabella proudly presented her very interesting interview of Mom-mom Tita ( her great grandma who was born in Italy and came to America when she was 8 y.o.) which was also accompanied by her illustration of Pop-pop Marti and Mom-Mom Tita. Isabella also showed off the beautiful necklace that they got her for her birthday….you could say that Isabella is very proud to be a part of this heritage and proud to be their great-grand-daughter…

Here we have Josh giving a presentation of some Italian volcano rocks (very cool!)

So, Ethan was not planning on “presenting” anything, but….after seeing Josh’s cool presentation he ran up to his room to grab his own “show-and-tell”…..a very neat crystal….

So, now the real fun begins….eating the “European way”…and on the menu for lunch was some very tasty Italian pizza, yummy french bread, wonderful German potato cakes, and some “mouth watering” chocolate truffles….yummmmm….(is your stomach growling yet….)

Ok, so here was the most popular moment of the day!! This is a traditional game that German children do at their birthday parties. They all sit in a circle and each child rolls a dice and they have to try to get a “6”. If they do, they immediately run to the table to put on a hat, scarf, and gloves, then they have to cut chocolate with a knife and fork and eat it with a fork!! Pretty exciting stuff…..

Well, there you have it….our “child-friendly” homeschool tour of Europe! Thanks for coming along….it sure was a great day thanks to some good friendships and enthusiastic children…and thank you for letting us share! As they would say in Italian: “Ciao”!


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