How about a little light?

Ok, so how do you like my Blog makeover? Call it “fighting the winter blues” or
maybe it’s an “itching for Spring” but I was feeling like a little more light today!
See, today was a very dark, wet and cold day. That was a bit depressing especially after the beautiful spring like days we had last week. It’s hard to settle back into “hibernation mode”. But, I was also pondering and humbled by God’s creativity in shedding little glimmers of light into our home today. When i was tempted to sulk in darkness and rain of the day….God showed me little glimpses of grace in what would seem like “ordinary moments”. Let me share a few:
1)My kids(all 4) and I were actually able to complete a “whole UNO ATTACK game to the very end! (This is a huge accomplishment considering that most games end abruptly in someone crying because their cards were “traded” or someone running away from the table because someone else called out “UNO!” or (and this is my favorite….Ashton hits the UNO button 20 times instead of 2 and 50 cards spit out at him…he loves that…LOL)
2)I got to observe Ethan and Helaina’s self-initiated game (W/O mom)of UNO (once again). They were so precious as the were making their own rules to the game (hey, that is a good lesson in cooperation)….
3) Ashton and Helaina spent over 45 minutes washing dishes at the kitchen sink while I made dinner (mind you, Ashton doesn’t usually spend more then 5 minutes engaged in ANY activity)
so this was a miracle in and of it’s self. But, what was most precious was that they actually had a system of “you wash and I will rinse” going on all by themselves. Even though there was more water on the floor then the sink…I could not help but to smile as I stirred my Alfredo glancing over at their soaked jammies (yes they were still in their jammies at dinner time:-).
4)Seeing Ethan’s face light up when he realized that he could draw a person that didn’t look like a stick …it was an actual outline of a coat that he copied from me (BTW he was drawing Joseph in jail in His coat of many colors for his Bible notebook.)

It was in these seemingly mundane moments that made me stop in my tracks. These moments are what warmed my spirit and made me grateful to know my Creator intimately.

However, His light is a light that needs to be sought after. So many times I get caught up in the “burdens of life” and “craziness” of life that I miss these glimmers. It reminds me of the verse to “just be still and know that I am God”. When we take the time to look around through his eyes….we see things differently. When we seek his grace we will find it…when we take our eyes off ourselves and our complaints and place them on Him….we feel his light, his love and his goodness. Then a strange thing happens…..we become thankful ….even for flooded floors and soaked jammies:-).


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